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Blister Pearl Pendant with Original Artwork

Blister Pearl Pendant with Original Artwork

SKU: SS-BlisPrl-3
$40.00 Regular Price
$28.00Sale Price

Are you a minimalist or a maximalist?  Our Blister Pearl offers both options--but we hope you'll wear it with Amy's handpainted artwork, drawn to emphasize the hills and valleys, visible for all to admire.  Flip it over, and the plain shell can be worn as is.  This is your chance to possess Poseidon's sea bounty.  The bumps within the shell are formed within rather than grown attached to the shell as in cultured pearls.

Pendant: 2-3/4" Length x 2" Width


Note: Although protected--please do not expose shell to any liquid as it may threaten the intergrity of the artwork.

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