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Ginormous Floral Rhinestone & Rainbow SilverWare-It-All Spoon Set

Ginormous Floral Rhinestone & Rainbow SilverWare-It-All Spoon Set

SKU: FWGianRnbwFlwSet

A glittering profusion of colorful rhinestones embedded in a blooming, floral arrangement with a rainbow-hued, stainless steel spoon as a backdrop. The main, pink focal flower features a super-large, pink center rhinestone surrounded by a cluster of pink and white stones.  Leaves have green stones, and smaller flowers are faceted red with rainbows, Dangle-drop, crystal-and-charm earrings complete the look. 


This pendant is a whopping 4-1/2" in length.  While it might feel excessive for some to wear comfortably for an extended period of time, I personally, would wear it as a conversation piece beyond compare! 


However, the bent spoon handle can slip over a support (a hook, an acrylic stand, a cord made of anything you can imagine, rope, like twisted yarns, netting, etc.) and be displayed as a unique and exceptional art object.  My bff displays her collection of my SilverWare-It-Alls in a two-level, glass coffee table. 


Pendant: 4-1/2" Length x 3" Width  Earrings: 2-1/2"

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