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Goldpated Rigid Neckwire Over Copper

Goldpated Rigid Neckwire Over Copper


Our neckwire has a very flat pin-in-hole closure that allows pendants and large-hole beads to slide on easily. There's no loop or clasp to interfere with slipping on design elements. This 18" neckwire is rigid metal that can support a substantial-weight pendant and any of our SilverWare-It-All creations. in a baggy to help sustain the plating. At $9.00 per neckwire, it's still a bargain. This flat style, which is ideal for adding beads and pendant bails, has mostly been replaced by looped chains and clasps on the ends of rigid wires making it difficult or impossible to slide items on.

The silverplate over copper, unfortunately, will eventually flake off mainly due to oxidation revealing the base metal underneath but usually leaving a narrow circle of gold around the edges but copper in the middle of the neck ring. We just continue to wear the neckwires as is when that happens. It helps to keep neckwires protected Neckwire: 18" circumference / 3/8" Width

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