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Limpet on Fancy Knotted Satin Cord

Limpet on Fancy Knotted Satin Cord

SKU: SS-3067

You definitely won't see yourself coming and going wearing this one-and-only shell necklace!  A decorated brown-to-cream limpet shell features Amy's unique artwork and goldfilled wire sculpting all around the perimeter.  Taupe, satin-rattil cord, brimming with fancy knotting and adjustable length, sets this necklace apart.  Great for seasonal summer wear, but also perfect for autumn, winter or spring due to the extended length offering fashion options for collared clothing and turtlenecks.

Shell Pendant: 3" x 2"

Necklace: 38" with a 6" adjustable option


Note: Although protected--please do not expose shell to any liquid as it may threaten the intergrity of the artwork.

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