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Purple & Pink Agate Swirl Pendant & Earring Set

Purple & Pink Agate Swirl Pendant & Earring Set

SKU: WPurPnkSwrlSet

This whirlpool-colored, polished slab of gemstone was called an "apple druzy" when I purchased it, but I believe it's actually a Brazilian Agate.   The marbled, candy colors are so fashionable--violet, ultramarine-blue, maroon, lilac mist--all swirled with a large, smooth rectangle.  A naturally-carved-out section suggests druzu crystals were forming.  An enamel focal in complementary colors wiresculpted with goldbond metal and an interesting, filigree bail further emphasize the uniqueness of this piece.  Assertive bead earrings with oversized, goldplated kidney wires complete the look.  It's not often you find these dynamic, bold & beautiful colors in one gemstone.  

Pendant:  4-1/4" Length x 1-1/4" Width   Earrings: 2-3/4" 

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