SilverWare-It-All Fanciful Dichroic Glass Pendant & Koi Spoon & Earring Set

SKU: FWMultiDichKoiCrysErgSet

You won't be fishing for compliments wearing this unorthodox jewelry set.  A rhinestone, faux pearl and rose-gold/purple enameled koi floats above a shell-embellished, flattened, stainless spoon.  Beneathe it, a multi-colored, dichroic glass, akin to Italian milifiori style, resembles a bed sea of anemone.  Clear Crystal and rose-goldtone, graceful, dangle, stud earrings create a splashy wave of their own. 

Pendant: 4-1/4" Length x 2" Width  Earrings: 3-1/4" 

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